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September 26, 2016
We are "DEAD SERIOUS" about releasing only LIMITED COPIES Forex Drain Trend Pro. Very soon you will find “SOLD” sign on the site!!


February 30, 2012
We develop new EA. The latest version is Forex Drain Trend Pro.


November 31, 2011
We update for VIP


March 21, 2010
"Welcome to The Best Forex Expert Advisor"


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Screen shot Forex statement my client use "Mini Account"

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"Forex VS Bitcoin"
Everyone is talking about Bitcoin.. Buying Bitcoin now is not too late.. How about my client earn 800usd bitcoin today with my special bitcoin auto robot. everyone know price 1BTC above 10k usd. u can still earn bitcoin if u know what you do..Don't waste your time on mining. its 100% develop to earn BITCOIN. remember end this year the price 1BTC maybe 12K hurry up to get my software to earn bitcoin. guarantee you can get 0.03 bitcoin perday mean 300usd per day.

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Fully automated forex robot for forex trading.

We teach you step by step how to make maximun profit from this Expert Advisor. With small capital 100usd above you can earn profit thousand dollar per weeks.Making money in forex trading without stress and emotion. Develope for forex tradersslose money and end up quitting. Trading with the best forex robot like a boss will improve your trading whether you are a beginner or a professional trader.

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Backtest in 1999-2016

Turn Small Investments Into Huge Profits With The Best Expert Advisor On The Market

It takes more than talent to be a successful forex trader. It takes hard work, patience— and most importantly, knowledge and “know-how”. You need to understand not only how the market works, but also how to use various tactics and strategies to turn a profit. When you are trading on the forex market, you are dealing with currencies from all over the world. That's why it is so important you use an expert adviser that is both profitable and proven. And that is where we come in... At we have created the best expert advisor on the market. This fully automated forex robot will streamline your trading and show you step-by-step, how you can maximize your profit with a minimum investment. And while the forex market is very complex, this forex robot does all the dirty work so you can focus on what's most important which is making a consistent profit on a daily basis.

Past peformance doesn't guarantee future results

Backtest result or demo result verry different with real result

Backtesting is also unreliable because many people don't have high-quality historic data.

Before we went public with Expert Advisor ForexDrainBroker, we had 2 beta tests. A long-term one and the more recent 30-day test.

In fact, we sent invites out and got more than 1,000 people who wanted to participate.
Wacth this VIDEO

"Whether you are looking for a "profitable Forex Expert Advisor" for automated trading or a super high performance custom indicator that takes into account multiple strategies.
We have it here!!!"

Keep reading down the page to see just how easy it is to get up and running The Best EA- so you can start making profits for yourself.

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We locked ourselves up and with a combined trading experience of over 8 years in our team.We started developing a new trading system. 
We analyzed why most EAs and Systems fail. A Machine that would FINALLY make good MONEY in Forex Trading…! !


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Finally you have found a Forex trading ea robot that works and makes profitable profits $$$. This Forex trading system makes big profits for forex traders on autopilot.
Please notice, that only a limited number of copies had been released to the public. It is hardly recommended to order it as soon as possible, as the product is very popular and our stocks will run out.
Well, many people can’t come up with a good trading strategy or even have the time to trade the forex market, despite their interests in forex trading. Well, this is where forex trading robots can be very useful. Even, if you can’t wrap your head around the complex intricacies of the forex market or don’t even have the time to trade the market, you can still profit from the market with the help of forex trading robots. Forex robots make money consistently for a lot of people out there.
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"Forex trading requires hard work and patience to be successful forex traders. However, when you succeed you can expect high returns on your forex investment".
Very soon you will find “SOLD” sign on the site, and then, nothing can be done. 
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